Warsaw has forged ahead of other countries with a quarantine-enforcement app, but some users report bugs and redundant police visits. Matylda Dobrowolska followed quarantine orders to the letter when she returned to Warsaw from a two-week vacation in Mexico. But there was one thing the 25-year-old Pole would not do — download a government-backed smartphone app designed to track her movements during the 14-day period of isolation.

“The terms and conditions aren’t just. All the data will stay with the government for six years,” said Dobrowolska, who has not contracted the virus and still has just under a week to go before she can go outside. “I don’t think that’s right.”

Now, Dobrowolska and everyone else in Poland under quarantine will not have a choice. The country’s government has made the app — which involves people uploading selfies when prompted so that officials can pinpoint their exact locations — mandatory for anyone potentially infected with the coronavirus. So far, just over 2,400 Poles have been infected and fewer than 50 people have died, according to estimates from Johns Hopkins University, although those figures continue to rise.

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