Quantum computing is approaching a pivotal milestone called quantum advantage. This is the inflection point where quantum computers first begin to solve practical problems faster, better, or cheaper than otherwise possible. The first demonstration of quantum advantage will be an extraordinary achievement, but it will only be the beginning. Ultimately, quantum advantage will be reached over and over again in new markets and new domains, changing the ways in which problems are solved across industries.

Three key capabilities are essential to achieving quantum advantage. First, users need more qubits with lower error rates. Second, users need computing systems designed to run the hybrid quantum-classical algorithms that offer the shortest path to quantum advantage. Finally, these capabilities must be delivered alongside a real programming environment so users can build and run true quantum software applications.

In August, we announced that we are building 128-qubit quantum computers with the low error rates needed to achieve advantage. These systems are based on our scalable 16, 32, and 128-qubit Aspen quantum processors. And today, to deliver the final key capabilities, we are excited to introduce Quantum Cloud Services.

Quantum Cloud Services is the only quantum-first cloud computing platform. With QCS, for the first time, quantum processors are tightly integrated with classical computing infrastructure to deliver the application-level performance needed to achieve quantum advantage.

Users access these integrated systems through their dedicated Quantum Machine Image. The QMI is a virtualized programming and execution environment designed for users to develop and run quantum software applications. Every QMI comes pre-configured with Forest 2.0, the latest version of our industry-leading software development kit.

We will be granted early access to Quantum Cloud Services in the coming weeks. You can sign up to reserve a QMI today at rigetti.com.

Partnerships with leading startups We’re partnering with visionary startups who are building the first generation of practical quantum applications. These companies include 1QBitEntropica LabsHeisenberg Quantum SimulationHorizon Quantum ComputingOTI LumionicsProteinQureQC WareQulabQxBranchRiverlane ResearchStrangeworks, and Zapata Computing. They will use QCS to develop groundbreaking applications and as a channel to distribute these applications to the broader community, putting even more tools into the hands of developers and researchers.

The Quantum Advantage Prize Quantum Cloud Services has been designed from the bottom-up to accelerate the pursuit of quantum advantage. We don’t know when the first demonstration of quantum advantage will be achieved, or what shape it will take, but one thing is certain: it will dramatically accelerate progress in unlocking the power of quantum computing for everyone. Recognizing the significance of this achievement, Rigetti Computing is offering a $1 million prize for the first conclusive demonstration of quantum advantage on QCS. More details of the prize will be announced on October 30th, 2018. Stay tuned!

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